$5000 for a Super Bowl ticket? I’ll sleep on it.

04 Feb $5000 for a Super Bowl ticket? I’ll sleep on it.

We here at the Wesley Sleep Disorders Centre love naps, but really there is a time and place. In the middle of the “biggest sporting event” in your country, probably not the best time nor place! One sleepy American Joe was spotted having a quick little nap during the Super Bowl, in what is believed to be $5000 seats. He must have been really tired, or had a few too many beers. We should note that extreme daytime sleepiness can be a symptom of a sleep disorder, and if you find yourself or someone close to you frequently nodding off in public then consideration should be given to going and speaking to a primary health care professional (GP) about it.


Here is a link to the story, however just about every news service world wide is reporting on this poor guy: