The purrrr’fect nap

19 Mar The purrrr’fect nap

We recently stumbled across a nice article from the art of well being website by Brendan Brown. He talks about 7 elements that can contribute to a good nap.

  • Be mindful of the length of the nap, he cites a study done by NASA with 26 mins being the optimal length (don’t forget to allow 5-15 mins to fall asleep though)
  • Nap between 1-3 pm ideally, but this will depend on how tired you are throughout the day (earlier better than later – don’t nap at 4 pm!)
  • Have the right environment: quiet, dark, cool
  • Set an alarm: don’t oversleep
  • Heard of a coffee nap? Drink coffee right before the nap, that whay when you wake up from the nap you get the benefit from both the coffee and the nap
  • Don’t sleep for too long… Ever woken up from a nap all groggy? That’s called sleep inertia – shorter naps can avoid this
  • A good nights sleep is better than a nap, so lets focus on getting a good night first of all!

Here in the sleep clinic we all know the benefits of napping, but its nice to see this popping up in the press! Well done Mr Brown and the team at the art of well being website, keep up the good work!

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