How satisfying is your sleep?

05 Mar How satisfying is your sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation in America has formed a panel of experts who are developing a tool to assess peoples sleep satisfaction.

Primarily the goal is to develop this tool so that health professionals are able to easily assess a person’s subjective sleep satisfaction since there is not always dissatisfaction due to a clinical sleep disorder.

Key indicators include how a person feels: about their sleep, after their sleep, and during the next day.  Environmental factors which may affect a person’s satisfaction are bed comfort, room temperature, noise and light.  Additionally how long a person feels it takes them to fall asleep, how easily they fall back to sleep if waking during the night, the amount of sleep, and how undisturbed the sleep is all contribute to overall sleep satisfaction.

More information on the Sleep satisfaction questionnaire can be found on the National sleep foundation website.

Since Sleep Awareness week is approaching quickly, consider learning more about your sleep.