Death by Sleep – Driving Fatigue

29 Sep Death by Sleep – Driving Fatigue

With Easter just around the corner many people are getting excited or making last minute plans for some rest and relaxation away. This is one of the busiest periods on our roads, when many families travel long distances to reach their holiday destination.

It’s a sad reality though that every holiday period Road Safety Campaigns are launched as a result of the increased incidents of road accidents during these periods.

The most common killers on Queensland roads are the Fatal Five. Drink driving and drug driving, inattention, not using a seat belt, speeding and fatigue.

Driver fatigue was responsible for almost one in seven fatalities within Queensland from 2004-2010.

Keep in mind that being awake for 17 hours is the same as being over the legal driving limit for alcohol. Micro-sleeps become more frequent and the risk of falling asleep increases dramatically. And just think, if you crash, you will hit at speed because you can’t break when you are asleep.

So before you hit the road this Easter think about a good rest before you go, especially if you are travelling long distance, and avoid driving longer than 10 hours and through times when you’re supposed to be asleep.

Warning signs to watch out for:

  • drifting in the lane or over lane lines
  • changing speed without reason
  • yawning
  • blinking more than usual
  • notice your eyes closing for a moment or going out of focus
  • feeling drowsy, tired or exhausted
  • having trouble keeping your head up
  • don’t remember the previous few minutes of driving
  • experience slower reaction times
  • micro-sleeping

Check out this website for facts, myth busters and tips to avoid driving fatigue:

Try taking a break every 2 hours for a 15 min stop and revive, survive at a driver reviver site. Driver revivers will be operating this autumn season on the 31st March, 1st-2nd April, 14th-17th April and 25th April. Check out this Queensland Government website for Driver reviver locations throughout Queensland:

Road safety is a shared responsibility and everyone must play their part, whether that is by complying with the road rules, enforcing them, or educating others in safe behaviours. So remember if you are feeling fatigued on the roads this Easter break: STOP. REVIVE. SURVIVE.

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