How to sleep in summer and not melt in the process?

28 Feb How to sleep in summer and not melt in the process?

On an average night, one in five Australians struggles to get enough sleep, but it could be worse if the weather just allow you to get the perfect condition for a restless night of tossing and turning.

Recently one magazine wrote an article about 12 tips for a good night’s sleep in the summer heat wave. Here, we will summarize some of those, which will help you and your little kids to sleep better during this season.

  1. Less is more. Dressing loose, short cotton pyjamas encouraging our skin to breathe throughout the night.
  2. Air conditioning or an A/C replacement. They suggest placing a bowl of ice in front of your floor fan and directing the icy breeze towards your bed. The cool air should blow over you and cool you down while you sleep.
  3. Shutting rooms blinds during the day while we are out, and open windows at night if there is a breeze. This will leave the room cooler at the end of the day and make sleeping a little easier.
  4. Choose the right sheets. High-thread count sheets often retain the most heat and make summer sleeping even more difficult. Dress your bed with light-coloured cotton sheets to create a breathable environment.
  5. Pulse points. Apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees to create a quick cooling effect for your entire body.
  6. Be sun safe. Always cover yourself and your loves ones with sunscreen and kept hydrated throughout the day.
  7. Cool off. Right before bed, have a cool shower to lower your body temperature, but ensure you don’t turn the taps too cold – this can have the reverse effect and force your body to compensate for being overly cold by working to warm you back up.
  8. Quality mattress. A good night’s sleep begins with a quality mattress. A good mattress provides a form of temperature control and sleep well all year round.

Finally, the last two, those ones for some people could not be applicable 100%

  1. Heat rises. The higher you are in a house or room, the more heat you will experience. Relocate your bedroom to the lowest floor of your house and check rooms to find the coolest one in your home.
  2. Sleeping alone. Choosing to sleep alone will avoid the sharing of body heat.



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