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June 2, 2017

Who are the most interesting people in sleep??

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Hint: it’s not the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or Freddy Kruger!

Van Winkles recently created a list of the most interesting people in sleep… and its not the lab coat wearing, number crunching, electrode wielding scientists. Rather, the list is made up of actually interesting people (no offence to my fellow electrode wielding scientists!).

Here is the list:

A full write up on each can be found here in the original article:

Name: Till Roenneberg
Title: Chronobiologist at the Institute of Medical Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilian University
Why they’re interesting: Revolutionized the study of biological rhythms and sleep-wake schedules

Name: Arianna Huffington
Title: CEO of Thrive Health and author of “The Sleep Revolution”
Why they’re interesting: Media-and-wellness mogul who turned sleep into a mainstream conversation

Name: Kelly Bulkeley
Title: Psychologist of religion specializing in dream research
Why they’re interesting: Data-banking dreams to understand the waking world

Name: James Hamblin
Title: Health Editor at The Atlantic and author of “If Our Bodies Could Talk”
Why they’re interesting: A doctor-turned-writer with a sleep obsession

Name: Baland Jalal
Title: Neuroscientist at The University of Cambridge
Why they’re interesting: Invented a simple method for escaping sleep paralysis

Name: Cheri Mah
Title: Research Fellow at the UCSF Human Performance Center and UCSF School of Medicine and NBA sleep consultant
Why they’re interesting: Pioneered the use of sleep optimization in pro sports

Name: Maria
Title: Youtube creator/ASMR-tist
Why they’re interesting: Making videos that lull people to sleep

Name: Roger Ekirch
Title: Historian at Virginia Tech University
Why they’re interesting: Reintroduced the long-lost practice of “segmented sleep” to the modern world

Name: Benjamin Reiss
Title: Professor and author of the book “Wild Nights: How taming sleep created our restless world.”
Why they’re interesting: A cultural historian exploring the past and present through a prism of sleep

Name: David Samson
Title: Evolutionary biologist at The University of Toronto
Why they’re interesting: Examining how human sleep has changed since Homo erectus dozed in trees

Name: Drew Ackerman
Title: Host of the podcast “Sleep with Me”
Why they’re interesting: Responsible for making “adult bedtime stories” a thing

Name: William “Scott” Killgore
Title: Director of the Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience Lab in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona
Why they’re interesting: Figuring out how skipping sleep changes your perceptions, thought processes and behaviour

Name: Wendy Troxel
Title: Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist, RAND Corporation
Why they’re interesting: Studying sleep in couples

Name: Michael Grandner
Title: Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona
Why they’re interesting: Probing the relationship between sleep and socioeconomic inequality

Name: Michel A. Cramer Bornemann
Title: Lead investigator – Sleep Forensics Associates
Why they’re interesting: The world’s foremost expert on crimes committed during sleep

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