November is COPD Awareness Month!

21 Nov November is COPD Awareness Month!

November is COPD awareness month in America.  We wanted to highlight the important role that sleep labs play in treating COPD patients with non-invasive ventilation (NIV).  NIV or BPAP is a more complex form of CPAP and works by providing different pressures during inspiration and expiration.  This improves gas exchange and supports the patient’s work of breathing when the patient struggles or cannot do so themselves.  Recent research demonstrates that home NIV therapy can improve quality of life and longevity in severely hypercapnic COPD patients compared with traditional treatments of oxygen therapy alone.

Research shows that NIV devices, such as bi level (BPAP) devices, may:

  • Reduce hospital re-admissions and deaths
  • Help COPD patients maintain their quality of life
  • Reduce the economic burden of COPD


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