Queensland Road Safety Week

30 Aug Queensland Road Safety Week

27th – 31st of August is Queensland Road Safety Week.  Here at TSGQ and in the sleep industry the biggest topics around road safety mean proper fatigue management and prevention of driving tired or while drowsy.  In up to 15% of fatal crashes, fatigue is a factor.

To see how much you already know, check out the Driving tired quick quiz on the QLD government website: https://jointhedrive.qld.gov.au/driving-tired#js-modal-driving-tired-quick-quiz

An integral part of road safety includes being able to identify signs of fatigue so you can act on them to stop and rest before the unthinkable happens.  These include:

Yawning, sore of heavy eyes, cramps, loss of concentration, day dreaming, car wandering across the road.

Getting enough sleep the night before will also impact on your daytime fatigue levels.  If you suffer from a sleep disorder then you may not be getting quality sleep to refresh you.

Be sure you are rested before you begin driving and during a long drive make sure you take adequate breaks.

If you feel you are sleeping a lot, need more sleep, or wake up and are unrefreshed then consider seeing your doctor for a sleep study as you may have an underlying sleep disorder.