Ways to get restful sleep during a pandemic

01 Apr Ways to get restful sleep during a pandemic

While the best way to protect from COVID-19 remains social distancing, isolation, and handwashing, it’s also essential to go back to the basics of good health during this unprecedented time – and that includes good sleep.

Not getting a good night’s sleep lowers immunity. With the strain on our healthcare system, now is not the time you want to come down with any preventable virus or bacterial infection. Of course, the anxiety, panic, and depression associated with the global pandemic make this a catch-22 for many. Good sleep is vital for healthy immunity, but an increasing number of people are having trouble sleeping. Yet, some of these sleep problems are the direct result of the changes many people have now made to their daily lives.

COVID-19 is also a reminder that good health involves a multitude of intertwined and complex variables. This helps us understand why having underlying health conditions tends to affect the course of the coronavirus in an affected individual. While good sleep won’t make you immune to the virus, the current pandemic is a good reminder for all of us to go back to the basics of good health.

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