Thoracic & Sleep Group Team

stc_0408Dr Andrew Scott
Sleep and Thoracic Physician, CEO and Director


Dr Scott is proud of the team at Thoracic & Sleep Group Queensland. 


Our specialist team consisting of sleep and thoracic specialists physicians, sleep scientists, sleep nurses, night technicians, CPAP educators and administrative staff will ensure that your patient receives the highest quality care while attending our clinics.

Dr Andrew Scott Profile

Our Team

Accredited Clinical Physiologist (Sleep)
Registered Polysomnographic Technician.
Sessional lecturer - Griffith University - School of Natural Science - Clinical Physiology.
Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Biological Sciences majors).
Master of Business Administration - The University of Queensland

Philip Teuwen

Sleep Unit Manager

11 years finance and book keeping experience

Michelle Leis

Finance Manager

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry)
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Biomedical Sciences)
6 years experience research science
6 years Sleep Science experience

Natalie Eriksson

Sleep and Respiratory Scientist & Quality Assurance Officer

Bachelor of Nursing (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia)
Master of Nursing (Cardiovascular Health Care)
Specialised training in sleep disorders, polysomnography and CPAP and BIPAP at Fundacion Neumologica Colombiana

Erika Mateus

Sleep Scientist

Bachelor of Exercise Science
Over 2 years experience sleep technician and CPAP educator

Leah Giovas

CPAP Educator

Fourth year Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science with Honours

Mitch Dalman

Sleep Technician and CPAP Educator

Mark Russell

Respiratory Scientist

Bachelor of Nursing

Travis Bell

Sleep RN

Bachelor of Nursing

Four years of training at the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg South Africa.

Marie-Louise Oegema


Registered Polysomnographic Technician
Over 4 years Sleep experience.

Khosro Zarif Raftar

Sleep Technician

14 + years of medical administration experience

Emma Anderson

Medical Secretary

Bachelor of Psychology
4 + years of medical administration experience

Matthew Persello

General Administration

Diploma of Health Science
15 years of medical administration

Robert Kacki

General Administration

Robyn Brierley

Medical Secretary

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