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CPAP1Our team provides a caring focused multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment and followup.
Our CPAP Educators assist with CPAP therapy training and support with all patients, and are located at The Wesley Hospital and Toowoomba.

Every patient is reviewed regularly, once treatment is commenced. This ensures our service achieves a 90-95% compliance rate with CPAP therapy, which is significantly above national and international standards.


The service provides all up to date CPAP masks and machines. Full rental and sales services are provided, meeting all ethical standards of service.


Our aim is the longterm support, edcuation and management of patients with all sleep disorders, in conjunction with the Sleep Physician and GP.


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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, is the most common and most effective way of treating Sleep Apnoea.

While CPAP can sometimes be a challenging adjustment, the positive effects on your quality of life that can be achieved through CPAP are well worth giving it a try.

The most common treatment for OSA is CPAP. This ‘splints’ the airways open. This then normalizes breathing and oxygen delivery to the body and brain. Symptoms associated with OSA can improve markedly.


What is CPAP?


cpap info 3Beginning on CPAP can sometimes be a challenging adjustment however it does get easier and you will soon enjoy the benefits of better sleep.


The important thing to know is that initial obstacles are NORMAL, COMMON & FIXABLE.


Help With Your CPAP

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