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wesley1Dr Andrew Scott holds daily specialist clinics, for patients with GP and specialist referrals, in sleep medicine. As a result he runs one of the busiest practices in Sleep Medicine in South East Queensland.


These clinics are held:

Toowoomba (Monday)

The Wesley Hospital (Tuesday – Friday)



Dr Scott, and the team from the Thoracic and Sleep Group (QLD) bring together medical and scientific professionals, in providing accurate and rapid sleep diagnostic services, consulting services and management long-term.



Our services are committed to improving patient health outcomes, maintaining high success rates with appropriate sleep therapy.


Urgent appointments can usually be arranged within 2 weeks.



The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre offers home sleep studies for patients who are uninsured or cannot afford the excess from an overnight hospital stay.


We bulk bill these studies, which are performed using a fully integrated light weight sleep system that moves around with you so there’s no need for unplugging any wires or cables to go to the bathroom overnight.



Our team provides a caring focused multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment and followup.
Our CPAP Educators assist with CPAP therapy training and support with all patients, and are located at The Wesley Hospital and Toowoomba.

Every patient is reviewed regularly, once treatment is commenced. This ensures our service achieves a 90-95% compliance rate with CPAP therapy, which is significantly above national and international standards.


The service provides all up to date CPAP masks and machines. Full rental and sales services are provided, meeting all ethical standards of service.


Our aim is the longterm support, edcuation and management of patients with all sleep disorders, in conjunction with the Sleep Physician and GP.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, is the most common and most effective way of treating Sleep Apnoea.


While CPAP can sometimes be a challenging adjustment, the positive effects on your quality of life that can be achieved through CPAP are well worth giving it a try.


sleep-disorders Complete our self assessment quiz to find out if you possibly have a sleep disorder.




sleep-apnea-coupleSleep disorders are a common condition in today’s society. Suffering sleep problems due to stress, anxiety, noise or discomfort are usually temporary and are not necessarily cause for concern; however there are other disorders that can have significant impacts on your health and quality of life.


Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Your body has four main driving forces – hunger, thirst, sex and sleep. Without sleep, you will experience far worse side effects than just tiredness – some that are very serious.

Here are six areas that will be affected should you forgo an adequate amount of sleep per night:


  • Metabolism, weight and diabetes
  • Learning and memory
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Disease
  • Safety
  • Mood

Australia’s first private hospital accredited for compliance with ASA Standard for Sleep Disorders Services, meeting new national and international guidelines.

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