Essential Medical Equipment Payment

02 Nov Essential Medical Equipment Payment

When you are diagnosed with a medical condition that requires medical equipment to use at home the establishment costs can be overwhelming, not to mention the expense can be ongoing. If it is necessary to use these devices daily they can add extra electricity usage to your daily electrical requirements. There is funding available from the Australian Government to assist you with the additional cost of operating medically required equipment that requires heating or cooling, in your own home. For example if you require a CPAP machine or a nebuliser that must be operated daily in your own home, you may be eligible for the government payment. The Essential Medical Equipment Payment is an annual payment of around $152 to assist with the cost of your additional electricity expense by having to use these machines daily at home.

Firstly establish if you are using the following eligible medical equipment;

  • Positive airways pressure device (CPAP machine)
  • Home ventilator
  • Home respirator
  • Home dialysis machine
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Nebuliser – used daily
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Heart pump
  • Suction pump
  • Insulin pump

Secondly determine if you are eligible for this payment;

  • Covered by a Commonwealth concession card
  • Provide proof* that the heating or cooling or specified equipment is medically required
  • You are responsible, either wholly or partly, for meeting the energy costs associated with running the equipment.

*The proof you require has to be certified by a Medical Practitioner.

Finally you can apply for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment online, please go to the website to find out further information.