Wake up!

29 Sep Wake up!

Did you know Australians rate their job satisfaction between 5-6 out of a total 7! That’s pretty high, in fact I find this quite surprising given what I see on social media on a daily basis. Apparently we Aussies like what we do and find it worthwhile getting out of bed for it every morning! But are we putting in a proper shift at work? Or just slacking around and loving it?


Do your colleges sleep on the job? Have you ever seen Rhonda sneak away from her desk for a little office siesta? Or Robbo’ duck off-site at smoko’, for a sneaky nap in the ute…? According to the sleep health foundation, 17% of us have fallen asleep on the job. What’s worse, is that another 17% of us have had a sickie because we are too tired to go to work! Let’s just take a moment to reflect on this…

Sleep disorders are serious medical conditions, and people with sleep disorders are more likely to report decreased work productivity. Sleep, or lack thereof is a serious issue, in fact almost a third of us have made mistakes at work over the past three months due to sleepiness or sleep problems.

Now that’s some serious numbers – time to wake up Australia and lets get a good night sleep!

If you think you may have a sleep disorder, please go and speak to your GP and consider a referral to see a sleep physician.

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