TSGQ staff and Sleep Awareness Week!

07 Aug TSGQ staff and Sleep Awareness Week!

It’s Sleep Awareness Week! Sleep on it: memory and problem solving.

In the spirit of Sleep Awareness Week, one of our very own staff members here at TSGQ was curious to see just exactly what her sleep was like and share her experience. After donning some comfortable pajamas Leah sat patiently while we attached the portable sleep equipment, then with a click of her red ruby slippers and “there’s no place like home” slipped out of work and off into bed….

The following day we did an analysis of the study. Here is a snap shot of what we found, and Leah’s thoughts….

“Sleep awareness week update: Unfortunately I was diagnosed with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). What is fortunate is that I was diagnosed, as I was unaware due to the only symptom I had with that I occasionally snore (according to my partner Jason). If you look at these lines from my sleep study, when they stop being squiggly, THIS IS WHEN I STOPPED BREATHING! My blood oxygen level desaturated from baseline 96% to 81%. If this had happened in a hospital alarm bells would go off! OSA left untreated creates long term consequences that will affect memory, problem solving and risk of developing cardio vascular disease among other health issues. My treatment will begin with CPAP therapy. So please have a test if you are unsure”.