Crank those tunes and get some sleep!

17 Jan Crank those tunes and get some sleep!

As a society we seem to be sleeping less and less these days. With portable technology devices infiltrating the bedroom and the ‘24hr society’ pushing us to stay awake for longer. Shift work and external factors may also prevent some of us from getting the amount of sleep we should be getting. For others, sleep disorders may also limit the amount of quality sleep we can achieve.


What if there was a technology that could improve the quality of sleep, artificially, thus helping us to cram more of that good old stuff into what little time we actually have for sleep? Really we should be giving ourselves more time to sleep, but lets face it, this is not the direction our society is heading… we seem to want the quick fix. We take vitamin tables and meal shakes, rather than cooking a nutritious meal, we just want it all, and we want it now.


Does this sound like you? Well here is some good news… help may be on the way! You may one day be able to “sleep-cram” the good quality sleep you otherwise may not be able to achieve into every night… given your horribly time poor lifestyle, this may be a revelation! Dan Gartenberg seems to think he is on a winner here, he is using sounds to promote deep sleep EEG waves. If he is right, you may one day put your sleep headphones on and have the best sleep ever! See his TED presentation below…

What a world.