Making healthy choices: Soluble Fibre can control Asthma

15 Nov Making healthy choices: Soluble Fibre can control Asthma

Australian researchers have carried out an investigation which has found proof that soluble fibre can benefit people with asthma. According to researchers, these fibre supplements could be used as a complementary non-pharmacological treatment for people with poorly managed asthma.

In the study, the researchers gave a number of stable asthmatics daily supplements with inulin, a soluble fibre supplement, and monitored changes in asthma control, lung function and gut microbiota.  The trial duration was 9 weeks, including 6 visits to the clinical trials assessment facility. During the trial, participants were asked to consume a prebiotic (soluble fibre) supplement, a probiotic supplement and placebo and modify their diet by consuming two serves of fruit or vegetables and eat All-Bran each day.

Lead researcher Professor Lisa Wood says that the improvements were greatest in the 12 subjects who had poorly controlled asthma at baseline despite currently using inhaled corticosteroids. All had an improvement in asthma control to levels deemed clinically significant.

Furthermore, the investigators argue that “these studies show both how diets high in fat can worsen asthma, and how – conversely – a diet high in soluble fibre can help manage it. It illustrates just how vitally important it is that Australians eat a healthily and how fundamental healthy gut bacteria are to our wellbeing,” Lisa Wood said.

The results of this short-term study provide proof that making healthy dietary choices, in this specific case the use of soluble fibre could be an effective approach for help people to get their asthma under control.