Marijuana and Sleep

28 Sep Marijuana and Sleep



Nowadays, cannabis and medical marijuana are a hot topic worldwide, with an increasing trend of legislation to approve it as a form of therapy to a range of ailments. But is there a role of cannabis marijuana in sleep? Existing research seems to indicate higher risk of sleep disturbances in marijuana users both during and after cessation of use.

In a study conducted by Boston University, researchers Deirdre et al observed that daily marijuana users scored higher on the Insomnia Severity Index and on sleep-disturbance measures than those who did not use marijuana daily.

Similar investigations have observed a positive relationship between marijuana use and rates of anxiety and insomnia.

Marijuana use is seen to reduce duration and frequency of REM sleep, corresponding with a correlation in reduced recollection of dreaming by users.


In a study done by Bolla et al. recently abstinent but formerly heavy marijuana users showed differences in polysomnographic (PSG) measures compared with a drug-free control group; lower total sleep times, and less slow wave sleep than the control group, as well as worse sleep efficiency, longer sleep onset and shorter REM latency, respectively.



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