Plants for your bedroom to help you sleep

24 Oct Plants for your bedroom to help you sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping at night, and while many have an underlying sleep disorder, sometimes we can just find it hard to ‘switch off’ and relax at night due to the stresses of day to day living.

While we may try medication, meditation, burning incense, expensive pillows and mattresses we should not forget that bringing the outdoors inside can also actually help.

Plants are part of nature use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen by a process called photosynthesis.  Did you know they also have some cleansing and relaxation qualities you may not be aware of?

1 – Aloe Vera

This plant has oxygen producing properties which occur at night, rather than requiring sunlight.  This may help insomnia and assist in relaxation.  A study in 2016 found a similar sedative effect to taking a sleeping pill in rats who were given an Aloe Vera extract.

2 – Lavender

Often used as an essential oil to reduce anxiety, and is probably the most widely used and studied plant.  Positive effects on depression, rest, pain and sleep quality have all been shown by use of Lavender.  Why not put a plant of it in your bedroom?

  1. – Jasmine

Another fragrant plant has been shown to help improve alertness and productivity the following day.

4 – English Ivy

The NASA clean air study back in 1989 looked a numerous plants for their air cleaning capabilities.  English Ivy was high on the list at removing a number of contaminants from the air which can potentially trigger allergies and asthma.

5 – Snake Plant

Another plant thought to improve air quality and help to avoid eye irritation, respiratory symptoms and headaches.


Don’t stop at this list, a lot of plants can thrive indoors.  They look great and often smell great too.

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