The weird and wonderful non-medical tech gadgets for sleep….


23 Nov The weird and wonderful non-medical tech gadgets for sleep….

PT_weired and wonderful gadgets2We in the world of sleep science know the evidence suggests that using electronic gadgets close to bed time is not good for you. However this does not necessarily mean we can avoid our phones all together, and that perhaps our phones and tablets could one day help us get a better nights rest. Sadly, we need to remember that not all products actually do what they claim to do… Here are some quirky gadgets that promote a better nights rest:

Sleep Genius

PT_weird and wonderful gadgetsWhile an apt description of the author of this piece, the Sleep Genius is actually an application designed by NASA. It claims to be able to identify your natural bedtime and tells you to go to bed when that time is near… Who doesn’t want to feel like an 8 year old again? Good work NASA.


PT_weird and wonderful gadgets1Aura is a three part system, which comprises of an alarm clock + a light, a mat and software for your phone. Aura will tell you the room temperature, the light levels and sound levels over night. They claim to be able to tell what stage of your sleep you are in, and improve your sleep with light displays and soothing online music. While writing this article, the author could not find any compelling evidence of this product’s accuracy or effectiveness in aiding or identifying sleep. This is not to say that this product does not work. Once asleep however, a fancy and expensive night light is not likely to help improve your sleep cycles.

NightwavePT_weird and wonderful gadgets4

Nightwave is essentially a light. It’s a blue light. It flashes, dims and is designed to help us get off to sleep by having us breathe along with the changes of light. Similar to children clapping along to songs. Seriously though, breathing and other meditative techniques may be helpful for those of us experiencing insomnia and are often used cognitive behavioural psychology. However we must consider that the one colour of light in the entire light spectrum that has been proven to increase alertness and promote wakefulness is blue light. Blue light is actually a treatment for jet lag and circadian rhythm disorders.  Better change the bulb Nightwave.