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February 26, 2017

Tired Driving? It could cost you… $$$

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The police test for alcohol, they now test for drugs and soon they will test for… being tired. Yes that’s right, they may soon be able to test you for being too tired. Driving while fatigued has serious consequences due to poor concentration, slow reaction times and cognitive function which has been shown to be similar to a high blood alcohol reading. It’s scary to think that 20% of drivers have reported falling asleep driving…

How would they even test fatigue? Well, like drugs and alcohol, they would have a separate mobile facility ready to test drivers. Rather than providing a sample of saliva, you would just have to play a video game, which really is more accurately described as a driving simulator. The equipment used with the driving simulator will test your reaction times, eye movements, blink speed and blink frequency and then use these measurements all combined to give a fatigue level.

When are they going to do this? It’s hard to tell exactly, there is a research project underway at Austin health that is aiming to develop the technology for the police to use. The transport commission and the police have both thrown their support behind the idea… It may just be a matter of time!

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