Enjoy your holidays symptom-free

21 Dec Enjoy your holidays symptom-free



Holidays are here, and with them come the time to spend with family and friends special moments like travelling together, enjoying the change of environment, and visiting new places.

Nevertheless, for asthmatics, holidays also bring concerns of the coming event being spoiled by asthma that gets out control. The change of environment may increase the risk of being exposed to allergens and irritants that can trigger an asthma episode. Other people’s homes, hotels, different weather conditions and outdoor environments can all contain asthma triggers that may not be present in one’s own home.

How does one maintain asthma control and simultaneously enjoy all that the holidays? The clue is to make a plan before holidays, and have one to-do list

  • If you are flying in a plane

Make sure you have your medications with you and antihistamines if required. Even your prescription if you need to buy those ones

Be aware that other passengers may increase the likelihood of exposure to triggers, such as perfume or pet dander on the clothes of adjacent passengers

  • If you are staying in a hotel and an allergy to dust mites is a trigger for your asthma

It is helpful to bring along dust mite mattress and pillow covers for your hotel room bed

You also should bring along your own blanket that you have washed in hot water to dispose of dust mite residue.

Also, bring your bed reduce the sensitivity to perfums and/or deodorants

If possible, pack portable air purifier. They are powerful enough to purify the air in a typical hotel room or even in the home of a relative.

  • If you are visiting a Friend and they have pets

Remember to take your allergy medicine 30 minutes before visiting, and to bring your asthma medicine with you

Always wash your hands after touching their pet

Wash your clothing in hot water after visiting.


But, the most important thing is to enjoy your holidays symptom-free and have wonderful, delightful, and peaceful time.


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