THIM – Sleep Aid for Insomnia

23 May THIM – Sleep Aid for Insomnia

A number of novel devices to aid in better sleep for those who suffer insomnia are currently hitting the market. Last month we posted a blog on the research of a forehead cooling device ( and more recently a team of scientists from Flinders University have developed a new wireless sleep aid called THIM.

THIM is a novel sleep aid that helps to re-train poor sleepers to fall asleep quickly through a process of waking them as they start to doze off. Repeating this process over time creates an increase in sleep drive which trains the user to fall asleep quicker and quicker.  For more information check out:

Many people can relate to the symptoms of insomnia, as discussed recently by TSGQ’s own scientist Phil Teuwen and presenter Emma Griffiths on the ABC Radio Brisbane program, Focus. (

Treatments for insomnia vary from cognitive behavioural therapy to pharmacological therapies. While a number of devices on the market as afore mentioned can be beneficial as sleep aids, they should not substitute any prescribed therapies by your health care provider. If you are suffering symptoms of insomnia consult with your physician.