Wesley CPAP Clinic

13 Feb Wesley CPAP Clinic

Not all auto-titrating CPAP machines are the same!!  TSGQ use only clinically validated auto-CPAP machines for our patient trials to ensure optimal patient care.

Did you know the latest CPAP machines come with built in Wi-Fi connections or cellular modems?  This allows remote monitoring of patients using CPAP.

Recent studies have shown improved outcomes for patients using CPAP if this data is properly monitored.

Did you know the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) has released best practice guidelines for the provision of CPAP therapy and the use of electronic data?

All patients undergoing CPAP therapy at TSGQ are monitored with these latest remote CPAP data monitoring programs following the guidelines from the ASA.

This software allows our clinical staff to provide rapid intervention and better follow up care for all patients when needed.  It can also often save them a trip into the clinic for a minor adjustment.

Since incorporating the use of this innovative technology we have further adjusted our model of care in addition to the guidelines.  All our CPAP patients now receive weekly downloads during their first two months of CPAP trial with follow up calls made by experienced scientists when problems are identified.

As a result patients have reported a positive experience and felt motivated to use CPAP knowing their data is being monitored by experienced care providers working with their Sleep Physician.

We have been directly measuring CPAP compliance and efficacy throughout this implementation and preliminary results have suggested improvements in overall adherence.

Stay tuned as the outcomes of this data will be presented at the upcoming Australasian Sleep Conference held in October.