ABC radio – Naps and early mornings

22 Jan ABC radio – Naps and early mornings

Our friends at ABC radio Brisbane called our lab manager Phil for a quick chat at 5:30 this morning to talk about early morning wake times and day time napping. The irony of a 5:30am call to talk about early mornings was not lost on Phil. He did talk to them about shifting sleep phases slightly (i.e. getting up earlier) should correspond with earlier bed times, noting that for children (especially teenagers) that their natural later bedtimes don’t match with a stagnant school start times and can cause chronic sleep restriction. Also went on to talk about the benefits of naps, and that shorter naps (10-20 mins) are helpful to avoid the deep stages of sleep where you can wake feeling tired and sleepy. Also that the restorative benefits of naps can occur even if you don’t technically get off to sleep. He kept talking, as Phil often does and spoke about how sleep changes as we age, with poorer quality and quantity of sleep as we age, along with earlier bed times and wake times, thus why nanna’s also love to have naps.

Hopefully their listeners got some useful info from Phil.

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