Sleeping with one eye open?

14 May Sleeping with one eye open?

The medical term for sleeping with the eyes open is nocturnal lagophthalmos. This can be caused by issues with facial nerves/muscles (orbicularis oculi) or with skin around the eyelids. This can cause problems, the eyes may dry out or become damaged (scratched) and susceptible to infection.

This may treated by moistening the eyes (eye drops, artificial tears etc) or by using barriers eg: ointments/moisture goggles to help physically protect the eye. A surgical option may involve a weighted implant to help keep the eye closed during sleep.

Lagophthalmos is thought to reduce sleep quality, primarily due to pain and/or discomfort.

If you feel you, or someone you know has lagophthalmos, they should seek medical advice. Some related complications of lagophthalmos may include:

  • Loss of vision
  • Eye infections
  • Scratching the eye
  • Exposure keratopathy (damage to the outermost layer of the cornea)
  • Corneal Ulcer (open sore develops on the cornea)

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